Take the guesswork out of 6sense

6sense is a powerful tool, when used properly.

We can help properly implement your 6sense instance and make sure that it's configured based on your market & intent. We've implemented 6sense for 7+ organizations in the past 3 years and in all cases we overpassed the Forrester metrics for 6sense ROI. Learn more about our 6sense Demand Gen Strategies.

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6sense should pay itself back in 2-3 months, yet almost a quarter of all organizations using 6sense churn it after a year. Why?

6sense is just a tool, a very powerful tool that it often used incorrectly.

6sense is an immensely powerful tool, one which must be used with care and precision to maximize its value. While your CSM can assist in its initial setup, effective utilization requires vigilant monitoring of signals, BDR performance, and generated/closed opportunities.

Additionally, constant adjustment of 6QA definitions is necessary to maintain market accuracy.

When 6sense is properly deployed, monitored, and scaled, its ROI can be realized within mere months. Unfortunately, for many organizations, this is not the case, as evidenced by the 28% churn rate within the first year of implementation. Our team is dedicated to providing the assistance necessary to ensure optimal usage and maximum ROI.

How Opportunities (Deals) sourced from 6sense need to look like:

1. Closed Won rates between 19% and 29%, compared to the industry average of 9% and 13%.

2. Shorter sales cycles of 71 to 118 days, compared to the average of 143 days for SaaS companies and 217 days for B2B companies.

3. Between 6x - 24x ROI YOY, closed Opps (Deals) compared to the average cost of the 6sense platform.

Want to see it how our 6sense process works? Visit the 6sense Strategies page for a deep-dive in our strategies and feel free to visit the Resources page for additional resources. You can read more about me on the About Me & MIU Strategies page, want to book a discovery call? Visit the Book a Discover Call page.