Hey there, my name is Marko and I am the founder of MIU Strategies

About MIU Strategies

MIU Strategies is a consultancy, managed service for demand generation strategies utilizing 6sense and Salesforce. 6sense is a new tool, often underutilized and with my 3 years of experience with 6sense and 7 years of experience with demand generation, I've decided to establish MIU Strategies as an agency that can help companies properly utilize 6sense.

About Me

My name is Marko Ivanov. My short CV and work experience:

Aug 2022 - Present: MIU Strategies

Oct 2021 - Present: Bynder

CRM Demand Generation Manager (Lifecycle Marketing Team) Amsterdam, Netherlands

▪ Management of the Salesforce CRM and SFMC, making sure that the Sales team have contacts for prospecting,
reports for ROI, SQL/MQL/Opp reports for Linkedin Ads targeting, working with RevOps and BusOps to
make sure data health and adjacent tech data is accurate and up to date.

▪ Full management of the ABM program. Optimizing LinkedIn Ads, management of DMP data providers to reach
target seniorities on Facebook Ads, MQL generation and in-feed consumption.

▪ Reporting to the Lifecycle Director on program optimization, reporting to the Director of Digital Marketing for
the ABM campaign configuration and reporting to the CMO on Pipeline ROI.

▪ Tooling Owner: 6sense, Salesforce, SFMC, Netwise (Dun & Bradstreet), Usergems, Ringlead.

Aug 2020 - Sept 2021: Agile Pro Solutions

Marketing Manager Boca Raton, FL, United States

▪ Management of the CRM and part of the Marketing Operation tasks to connect the CRM with our lead flow
system for Agile Pro Solutions and APS Cyber (business process outsourcing and cybersecurity).

▪ Management of the Digital Marketing team and the marketing campaigns to make sure steady flow of MQLs
arrive for the Sales team for a lower cost.

▪ Implementation of a DMP system, to specifically target managers of accounts using specific technology on a
DSP network.

▪ Tooling Owner: Acxiom DMP, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Hubspot.

Nov 2016 - Oct 2018: Keitaro

Digital Marketer and SEO Specialist Helsingburg, Sweden

▪ Managing the SEO projects for Keitaro incl. content, links, guestposts and sponsored content.

▪ Digital marketing activities for job openings.


▪ Tooling Owner: Ahrefs and Linkedin Ads.