6sense is a complicated tool and proper configuration of the predictive model is the key to success when using 6sense

6sense is revolutionary, in it's own unique way that it connects both the Marketing & Sales departments together. It provides market insights, intent data, orchestrations and data from the Marketing team and it delivers that data to the Sales team.

The following users need to be aligned with the 6sense usage in order to utilize the platform to it's maximum potential:

1. Demand Generation Managers

2. Field Marketers

3. Digital Marketers

4. BDR Managers

5. BDRs

If any of these users for some reason get stuck, the entire system will not perform properly.

Once usage has been properly monitored and implemented, the next step is the configuration, a proper 6sense configuration needs to look like this:

The most important aspect of 6sense is to use it's analytics and intent data, combined with the success of the BDRs (ROI Attribution), to build a successful 6QA model that is optimize by your category and market inside 6sense and then use those signals and amplify the demand so that more BDRs can get on the program.

This process is different for every single company, but it looks similar to this:

Over time, the module gets so refined, that scaling success becomes much easier with the 6sense program and onboarding new BDRs becomes much easier.

To learn more about this process, visit the Resources page.