What ROI should you expect from 6sense? Detailed review with the Forrester Total Economic Impact Report.

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What ROI should you expect from 6sense? Detailed review with the Forrester Total Economic Impact Report.

In this article, I'll cover the most important topic on the 6sense implementation and that is, what should you expect your ROI to be from a 6sense implementation.

I'll use the Forrester 6sense Total Economic Impact report and some of the numbers that I've experienced in my career.

Time to read: 8 minutes.
Written by: Marko Ivanov


6sense Outperforms Competitors in Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

6sense, a leading account-based orchestration platform, has been evaluated by Forrester in a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study. The study found that 6sense delivered a 417% return on investment (ROI) over three years and significantly outperformed its competitors in several key areas.

According to the study, 6sense's account-based orchestration platform enabled companies to better understand and engage with their target accounts, resulting in increased revenue and reduced costs. Specifically, 6sense helped companies to:
Improve sales productivity and efficiency by providing sales teams with insights into target accounts and relevant buying signals, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity and a 15% increase in win rates.

Increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness by enabling marketers to focus on the accounts that are most likely to convert, resulting in a 30% increase in marketing-generated revenue and a 15% reduction in the cost per opportunity.

Drive higher customer lifetime value by enabling companies to deliver more personalized and relevant experiences to their target accounts, resulting in a 5% increase in customer lifetime value.

Compared to its competitors, 6sense was found to have several key advantages, including:

Greater accuracy and coverage: 6sense was found to have more accurate and comprehensive account data than its competitors, resulting in better targeting and more effective engagement.

More advanced predictive capabilities: 6sense's machine learning algorithms were found to be more advanced than its competitors, enabling companies to identify buying signals and predict intent with greater accuracy.

Better customer support: 6sense was found to have better customer support and more flexible pricing options than its competitors, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Overall, the TEI study found that 6sense's account-based orchestration platform delivered significant business benefits and a high ROI. For companies looking to improve their account-based marketing and sales efforts, 6sense is a strong contender that outperforms its competitors in several key areas.

Measuring Attribution

Before we begin with any type of B2B ROI project, the most important thing is to set up proper attribution. Traditional attribution systems, software-based attribution systems like Bizible are not a proper way to measure success when it comes to tooling like 6sense.

The best way that to measure attribution from a program like 6sense, is to use specific fields on Salesforce and train the BDRs to fill these fields manually on every discovery call.

Once that discovery call has been booked, the BDR will be required to fill in a free-text field stating where the discovery call originated from.

More on this is covered on our article here. Make sure to read and implement this strategy before moving further with this article. Proper attribution measurement is crucial in order to measure 6sense success.

Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

You can access the Forrester Total Economic Impact Report by visiting the official 6sense website here.

This report is done with data form a few organizations with an average contract value of $250,000+ a year. And these are the results:

The average payback period according to this report is <6 months. Which is true, in our experience we constantly hit an average payback period of <2 months.

The total cost, according to this report is $574,000 on a 3 year period. This includes the cost of 6sense and the cost of the salary for the individual managing this tool, which according to 6sense is about $87,000 per year.

This report does not include digital ad spend, so we'll only look into the cost of the tool and ROI on a sales-only approach.

This is the chart flow (risk adjusted) numbers from 6sense. According to this data and the average contract value, we can assume that utilizing 6sense, for sales-only activities can result in 10 Opps per year, which is a low number compared to our data.

Comparing our data.

We compared our data with the data from the Forrester TEI report and we've concluded that even in this TEI report, 6sense is still underutilized.

In our data, for 7 organizations, the average payback period was 2 months and that is with an average contract value of $29,000 per year, far lower than the number the organizations used in the TEI report.

Forrester 6sense TEI Opps Created Year: 10 Opps

Our Data Opps Created Year: 200 Opps

The reason why we have achieved a much higher Opps creation in a year is because of the fact that we utilize a full ABM strategy with 6sense which also includes marketing that boosts the performance of 6sense.

Bottom line, what should you expect for your business?

If you only use 6sense for sales intelligence and BDR outreach, then you should be able to generate 10 Opps and win 2-3 Opps per year. However if you use 6sense to it's full potential using Orchestrations, Marketing and custom segments, then achieven 200 Opps per year and win 40-45.

I can help you achieve that, book a call and we'll discuss further.